Department of English and Modern Languages staff profiles

Academic staff

Name Role Email
David AldridgePrincipal Lecturer in Philosophy of
Elise AlexanderSenior Lecturer in Early Childhood
Patrick AlexanderEarly Career Reseach
Linet ArthurSenior Lecturer: Leadership, Management and Policy
Janet BakerSenior Lecturer in Education
Amanda BartonSenior Lecturer in Primary Music and Admissions
Sarah BhattiSenior Lecturer in Primary ITT
James BirdSenior Lecturer in Education: Primary ICT
Dani BoucherSenior Lecturer in Education: Primary English and
Debbie BowersSenior Practice Lectureship in Partnerships, Placements and School
Mary BriggsPrincipal Lecturer- Programme Lead for Primary and Early Years Education (Academic Oversight)
Liz BrowneHead of the Centre for Educational Consultancy and Development
Graham ButtProfessor in
Simon CatlingProfessor in Primary Education
Jean ClarkProgramme Lead: Primary and Early Years Teacher
Lynne CookSenior Lecturer in Education: Special Educational Needs and Inclusion / Liaison Manager for Foundation Degree and Postgraduate programmes at Mary Hare School for the Deaf
Andrew DackSenior Lecturer in Education: Secondary Science
Beatrice DaviesSenior Lecturer in Education
Jennifer DaySenior Lecturer in Education: Primary
Mike DennisSenior Lecturer in Primary Science
Ann DisneyCourse Leader for BA Primary Teacher Education Work-Based Mode
Carol DuckerSenior Lecturer - Primary Art and Design
Adrienne DugganSenior Lecturer in Drama in
Nicoleta GaciuSenior Lecturer in Education: Secondary Science / SKE Course Leader
Catharine GilsonSenior Lecturer in Early Childhood
Georgina GlennySenior Lecturer in Childhood Studies and Literacy Difficulties
Barry GransdenSenior Lecturer in Learning &
Annie HaightSenior Lecturer in Education, Postgraduate Research
Gill HaydenSenior Lecturer in Primary Education: Professional Studies
Janet HobleySenior Lecturer in Post Compulsory Education
Erica HolleyMA in Education Programme Leader
Catherine Matheson-MonnetSenior Lecturer in Education
Debra McGregorProfessor in
Marian McLachlanSenior Lecturer in Education / Course leader for the franchise and local cohort of the part time PGCE in Post Compulsory Education.
Jane McNeillSenior Lecturer in Primary
Sarah MirringtonSenior Lecturer in Education: Primary English with Children's Literature
Marlene MorrisonProfessor of Education / Research Director
Carolyn Marianne MurphySenior Lecturer in Primary
Richard NewtonSenior Lecturer in Primary
Rachel PayneSenior Lecturer in Education (Art) / Subject Tutor for Secondary Art and Design PGCE / Programme Leader for MA in Education (Arts-based)
James PercivalSenior Lecturer in Education
Laura Quinton MaryonSenior Lecturer in Primary English, Drama and Children's
Jonathan ReidSenior Lecturer in Child Development and SEN/
Chris RizzaSenior Lecturer in English Language and
Jane ScholeySenior Lecturer in Primary Education: Professional Studies and a Core Curriculum
Christina SkarbekSenior Lecturer in Primary
Jane SpiroReader in Education and TESOL National Teaching
Jude StrattonSenior Lecturer Mathematics Education
Ian SummerscalesSenior Lecturer in Post-compulsory Education / Full time PGCE (PCE) programme leader
Nick SwarbrickProgramme Lead, Undergraduate and Foundation Degree
Joanne ThompsonSenior Lecturer in Primary Science Education
Pauline TysonSenior Lecturer in Primary Mathematics with ICT
Paul WickensSenior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics
Mary WildHead of School of
Amanda WilkinsonSenior Lecturer in Primary Mathematics with
Helen WilsonProgramme Lead: Science
Maggie WilsonSenior Lecturer in Education
Mandy WintersPL- Educational Partnerships
Susannah WrightSenior Lecturer in Education Studies
Andrie YiakoumettiSenior Lecturer in English Language and TESOL