Learning, Identity and Culture


The focus of the LIC group is the effect of difference in identity and culture in educational contexts ranging from Primary Education through to Higher Education. A pervasive theme concerns the interface between language, community and belonging. A key goal of our work is to produce research expected to have a strong social impact. The group consists of academic and research staff and welcomes new researchers, including doctoral students.

Our research is located within an interdisciplinary framework, and we look for opportunities to collaborate with colleagues both across Oxford Brookes University, and across universities nationally and internationally. Each group member is invited to initiate or join in projects, and we work to support each other in developing and publishing our research work.

Current research projects and interests include the following: language and diversity; the education of the global citizen; cultural partnerships and dialogue; mathematical and scientific identities; and developing writing identity.

The Learning, Culture and Identity group also works with and alongside the Centre for Curriculum Internationalisation (CCI) . This Centre is currently planning:

a conference on Personal philosophies and practice in relation to internationalisation, on June 7th and 8th 2013,

a special issue on Global Citizenship of Brookes Educational Journal of Learning and Teaching.

For further information please follow the following link:


Should you wish to find out more about the group, please contact Juliet Henderson jhenderson@brookes.ac.uk, or Jane Spiro jspiro@brookes.ac.uk.

Our members are:

Janet Baker

Jane Coles

Dr Mary Deane, OCSLD

Dr Nicoleta Gaciu

Professor Martin Haigh

Dr Sara Hannam

Juliet Henderson

Rachel Payne

Dr Jane Spiro

Jude Stratton

Dr Andrie Yiakoumetti

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