Academic Writing Workshops

Academic Writing: Workshops and Away Days (2014-2015)

We have secured funding to host a series of 5 writing workshops (including a one-day writing retreat) between April and September 2014. The aim of the workshops is to support SoE staff in developing academic writing projects, from initial ideas through to completed peer-reviewed publications. The workshops will be designed to match the needs of colleagues at different stages of the writing process, with the ultimate objective of providing a structured, supportive means for all participants to progress towards publishing high quality academic writing.


The workshops will have three main aims. Firstly, they will provide a platform for sharing insights into the writing process, from key skills for academic writing through to understanding and working within the peer-review process. Secondly, they will provide a means for structuring dedicated time for writing, and thinking about writing – perhaps one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in the writing process. Thirdly, the workshops will establish writing partnerships between participants at similar points in the writing process, in order to encourage a mutually beneficial relationship of ‘accountability’ (setting and working to shared deadlines; editing one another’s work, etc.) in order to move writing projects forward.

Writing in the New Year: kick-start and refreshment

Friday 16 January 2015, Harcourt Hill – Room TBC

You are warmly invited to join all or part of a writing kick-start and refreshment day, designed to give you a fresh start to the new year and to set up continued support for writing – from first thoughts to final drafts, response to peer reviews and publication.

If you are interested in all or any part of the day, please let Jane Spiro know on by Friday Jan. 9th (for catering purposes).

9.30 – 10.45   First thoughtsfree thoughts: a ‘first concept’ brainstorming session for those with first ideas, ideas that haven’t yet reached paper, who would like to share plans towards writing

11.15 – 3.0 + LUNCH

  • designing a specific writing goal achievable in 2 hours of writing
  • setting up a contract with a peer to complete the task
  • spending 2 dedicated hours writing
  • sharing the outcomes

3.30 – 5.0 Peer review workshop:  sharing work in progress with peers.

If you have a paper you would like shared in the peer review workshop, at any stage of completion, please let Jane know and forward your work in progress for distribution by Monday Jan. 12th.

You are welcome also to add a note asking peer reviewers to consider a specific aspect of your work;  and/or to include peer review comments you have already received which you find contradictory or difficult to respond to.

The writing workshop is being funded by a small grant awarded to Patrick Alexander and Jane Spiro for writing development.

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