SoE Research Seminar and Weds Lunchtime seminar updates (May-June)

Research Seminars Update

The programme of Research Seminars for the School (organised by Patrick Alexander) has been successful, although attendance could always be healthier!  During April the programme has been scaled down, with a planned break over the university Easter holiday period, as it seems sensible to include a gap in the seminar schedule at this point. We are still getting to grips with the best dates for seminars to be organised and delivered during each semester. Confirmed speakers for the summer schedule include the following:

7/5/2014, 4-530pm (Glasgow Room): Angela Goddard (York St. John University), Chat and mouse: Language play as language learning in new communication contexts

3/6/2014, 5-630pm (Glasgow Room): Ron Barnet (Institute of Education), Understanding the University: Negations, Antagonisms and Hope

5/4/2014, 5-630pm (Glasgow Room): Tina Miller (Oxford Brookes), Gendering Caring? Transitions, Intentions and First-time Parenthood

The Wednesday lunchtime reading/presentation events continue to be embedded within the School’s activities (12-1pm in the Glasgow Room). Please come along if you are free!

7/5/2014, Richard Newton, “It does make you feel a bit hopeless” – Parents’ experiences of supporting their children’s school mathematical learning at home.

14/5/2014, Jane MacNiell, Using research to enhance teacher professional development: findings from a collaborative project for primary mathematics teachers

28/5/2014, (all welcome), (re) Reading Education Classics: a discussion of Vygotsky’s Mind & Society

Please email Patrick Alexander ( for more information or if you would like to present at a session).

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