Teaching course interviews

As part of the admissions process successful applicants for our university based teaching courses will be invited for an interview at the School of Education.

Further information about your interview can be found in the email invitation you receive and there are some FAQs below:

BA Primary Teacher Education students: What will happen during the day?

You will:

  • Listen to an introductory talk from the Admissions Tutor
  • Carry out a teaching task in small groups, which will be observed by a member of the Primary Education team
  • Undertake a written English task
  • Take part in a small group interview, usually consisting of two applicants, with a member of the Primary Education team
  • Get the opportunity to take part in some hands on sessions / workshops that will give you a taste of the course (on major interview dates)
  • Tour the campus
  • Talk to students who are presently studying the course (this may not be possible if there are a small number of people attending the interviews that day)

PGCE Primary students: What will happen during the day?

You will:

  • Listen to an introductory talk from the Admissions Tutor
  • Carry out discussion activities and tasks in small groups, which will be observed by a member of the Primary Education team
  • Undertake a written English task
  • Share a prepared mathematics investigation
  • You are welcome to tour the Campus (self-guided)

What time shall I arrive for my interview?

Please arrive 10mins before the start of your interview.

What should I do if I am running late for my interview?

If you have any difficulties on the day of the interview, eg. you get stuck in traffic please contact us by telephone on 01865 488306.

How long will the day last?

Students applying for the PGCE course will be required to attend either from 9:30am–13:00pm or 13:00–16:00pm.

Students applying for the BA Primary Teacher Education course will be required to attend between 10:00am–16:00pm.

Where do I need to go for my interview?

Your interview will take place at the Harcourt Hill campus, Botley, Oxford, OX2 9AT.

On arrival please go to the Reception.

How do I get to the campus?

Please read our travel information (and maps), including links to the local ‘Brookes Bus’ service.

If you are travelling by Brookes Bus or taxi you should ask for the Oxford Brookes University, Harcourt Hill campus, Botley.

If you are driving you will be emailed a visitors parking permit and you are invited to park in the visitors or staff car park. You should display your permit at all times. For your convenience the barriers to the staff car park will be raised in time for arrival for your interview.

I am travelling the day before my interview, where can I stay?

Oxford offers a wide range of accommodation for visitors to the city. The Brookes website gives a range of options.

What should I wear?

You are expected to dress as you would for a job interview.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you may bring someone with you but they will not be able to accompany you into the interview. We will be happy to direct them to the Refectory to wait.

What documents will I need to bring?

  • Photo ID as proof of your identity (e.g. current passport or photo card driving licence)
  • Originals, plus photocopies, of GCSE or equivalent certificates showing Grade C or above in English Language, Mathematics and Science.
  • Originals, plus photocopies, of A-level or equivalent certificates, if you have already completed them.
  • Originals, plus photocopies, of evidence to confirm any change of name, e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll certificate.
  • Original, plus photocopies, of any references/testimonials or reports of work experience in primary schools.
  • A completed School Experience Information sheet (to be emailed to you prior to your interview).
  • Evidence that you have passed your QTS skills tests (if taken).

These documents will be collected in at the start of the interview day, they are then checked by the Primary Admissions Team and the originals will be returned to you in the afternoon.

I have accepted my interview but can no longer make the date?

If you cannot attend the date you have selected please email teachertraining@brookes.ac.uk. We will do our best to offer you an alternative date but this may not always be possible.

When will I find out if I have been successful in getting a place on the course?

You should find out if you have a place on the course within two weeks of attending the interview. Check your UCAS track.

Do you provide feedback if I am not successful in getting a place on the course?

Yes. If you are interviewed and are not offered a place on the course you will be sent feedback to help with any further applications you may wish to make to teaching courses.

Do you offer interviews via Skype?

As the interview process involves candidates taking part in various activities, including small group work, unfortunately we are not able to offer interviews via Skype.

If I decide to withdraw my application what should I do?

If you decide to withdraw your application please inform us by emailing teachertraining@brookes.ac.uk. You should also notify UCAS Teacher Training of your withdrawal.